MM&B Studio Web Design in 2019

We’re living in interesting times, 2019 certainly looks like it will be another eventful year. Turbulent markets have generally led to smaller more frequent projects. We’ve seen a trend of people wishing to pay in regular on-going payments. One of our largest commitments in 2018 has been modifying systems to automate increased workloads that are caused by this general trend in consumer behaviour.
  • Mobile-first conversions – The vast majority of website traffic is now via Mobile Devices
  • Fake News – Various leading web service providers rewarding websites for providing a secure and authentic experience. Links to credible sources of information, SSL certificates. GDPR – Cookie Notices, Privacy Policies, E-mails with correct SPF and DKIM validation
  • And of course the elephant in the room Brexit – still a lot of uncertainty how exactly it will affect business, but there will be opportunities for adaptable companies. We have quietly been preparing for different outcomes and how we and our clients will be able to continue trading effectively at an international level.

Supporting independent and local businesses

We are excited and proud to announce the launch of the Buxton Crescent Heritage Experience website in mid-March. We thank Liz, Helen, Louise and the various project stakeholders for their brilliant work and look forward to supporting their digital operations for years to come.
We have been working closely with the following companies:

System Development Projects

The bulk of our workload is currently covered by various Non-Disclosure agreements, working on large, white-label systems for Pharmaceutical, Housing and Industrial brands in the South of the UK, France and Germany.
We are also continuing work on:
  • The Active Communities Network Mobile App
  • An internal MM&B Studio project which provides listings, reviews and a booking system for small businesses called Goodbirds
  • Production line management software for printing firm RunSmart
  • Various database, E-mail, financial and system management work for Messums Fine Art
  • Modifications to the Health & Safety management system we built for Your Safety PAL, to accommodate methods of tracking well-being in the workplace

MM&B Studio

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