Photo Shoots & Post Production

Photo shoots, post-production and image manipulation

MM&B Studio have directed various photo shoots, coordinated post-production work and manipulated professional photography to create visual metaphors, complimented with tailor-made messages to help tell stories and change the lives of target audiences.

In our ten years of working together, we’ve coordinated shoots with an array of photographers, multiple models and numerous support staff to cater for hair, make up, outfits and props. Living in the middle of the beautiful Peak District National Park, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting venues and thoroughly enjoy the entire process.

We can facilitate all sorts of photoshoot projects. We’ve art directed photo shoots for actors, properties, industry and retail and have a spectrum of professional photographers that work with our creative department to gain images that get great results.

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Creative Direction Photo Shoots Post production Image Manipulation

Professional Photographic Assets for Print and Web

A stunning image complimented with a tailored message can engage your audience and paralyse them with their own thoughts. This is the sort of memorable experience we want to create and help you deliver, we want your customers to fall in love with your brand.

Preparation & planning

We can deliver meticulous planning and preparation of your photo shoot in order to obtain the best results:

  • Image mood-board – finding relevant photography to help confirm an overall identity and style of the desired images
  • A location recce can be undertaken to establish the suitability of different environments, risk assessment and method statements
  • Photographers have different styles and methods, some are better suited to working with people, products or lighting
  • Establishing the costs of models, outfits and support staff to cater for make up, hair, props and location / venue hire
  • Scheduling the shoot – making sure everyone is in the right place at the right time and supported to ensure every department is giving the best results

Post production and asset creation

Once the images have been captured and the day of the shoot is done, we move on to post production and the creation of digital assets

  • We’ll create web-optimised versions of all photographs to establish which are favoured by the project’s stake holders
  • Simple photographs generally take a shorter time to edit.
  • Manipulated images which will be the subject of a high-value promotion or campaign can take days or weeks to complete
  • Web based images will need to be light weight in file size and have a decent area around the focal point to allow for different applications in cross-device responsive designs
  • Images for print will need to be kept large to preserve their high definition, in case they are required for large displays such as posters and hoarding

Capture your brand’s assets in high fidelity

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From April 1st 2021

We live in ever-changing times and MM&B Studio will be proceeding to operate as two separate legal entities from the 1st of April 2021. Simon, Nicola and David all continue to work together in a format which allows us to serve our clients as effectively as possible, at both a local and international level. Existing clients can contact us and ask to speak to your account manager for further details.