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Peak Ascent Cycles is a cycling lifestyle retailer based in central Buxton. Managing director Patrick Healy has competed on road bikes for over 30 years and with his experience in sales for leading automotive companies, has launched his own venture to help support the huge demand for cycling accessories, servicing and consultancy in the area.

We started with a WordPress platform with an easy to use page builder called Elementor. We provided a logo and identity creation process and supported Patrick with his branded marketing materials.

Through the pandemic Peak Ascent Cycles became one of our main focuses as 90% of our clients furloughed. Excellent timing as the government declared cycling an essential service and consumer interest raised 500% year-on-year. David took residence in Peak Ascent’s offices, managing social media, retro fitting the website with e-commerce and introducing a number of creative marketing campaigns.

Peak Ascent’s expansion was rapid. Patrick moved premises to Cavendish Arcade in 2021 and early in 2022 we migrated digital operations onto an EPOS system provided by Citrus Lime. Regular meetings and support ensure Patrick continues to make the most out our relationship so he can focus his time on his customers and showroom.

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Project Details

Patrick is an experienced professional and a great client to work with. Half a day per week allowed us to have swift meetings and work closely to provide the website, E-mails, logo, business cards, marketing and other branded stationary.

Client's requirements:

Create an exciting and friendly brand identity which cyclists of all ages can approach. Apply that brand to a range of digital and printed resources and provide support as Peak Ascent Cycles launch a high street show room in June 2018.

Ongoing work with Peak Ascent Cycles

On going assistance with social media, press releases and events ensure that the brand is receiving constant promotional attention. We initially provided graphics and web design, today our role is more of a consultant in terms of supporting Patrick's staff and providing solutions and creative direction.

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