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Messum’s has a respected heritage as one of the country’s leading British art galleries, not only a pioneer in the field of British Impressionism and the Newlyn and St Ives Schools, but also a specialist in exhibiting contemporary British art.

Founded by David Messum in 1963, the London gallery has played a pivotal role in Cork Street’s long-standing reputation as a centre for the British art trade.

Messum’s offer Contemporary art exhibitions. With around a dozen exhibitions annually, the London gallery, Marlow studio with sculpture gardens and Wiltshire Barn provides a wide-ranging arts programme. Each event is supported by a fully-illustrated catalogue, as well as on-line exhibitions.

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Database Architecture UX/UI Design Web Development

Project Details

Working with the Messum’s family business for over five years to initially restructure the database of artists and fine art. In 2017 MM&B designed and developed the online shop and in 2018 we launched Messums Online with simple bidding and auctioning options for art collectors.

Client's requirements

Messum’s Required a renovated visual display for exhibitions hosted and promoted online:

  • Ongoing improvement of functionality for reviewing, cataloguing, purchasing and invoicing the sales of their extensive collection of gallery artwork.
  • Supporting online customer communication
  • Efficient and effective updates, featuring brochures on new artists exhibitions and detailing services.
  • Succinct database management with auto email software to monitor and manage subscribers effectively.

We also proposed and secured

In addition to Messum's requirements, MM&B Studio proposed and were commissioned to provide the following items:

  • Public facing front end site, promoting the business and services
  • Improving design and functionality
  • Innovative user experience
  • Generating a welcoming environment
  • Providing transparent pricing and start a collection offers for fine art

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From April 1st 2021

We live in ever-changing times and MM&B Studio will be proceeding to operate as two separate legal entities from the 1st of April 2021. Simon, Nicola and David all continue to work together in a format which allows us to serve our clients as effectively as possible, at both a local and international level. Existing clients can contact us and ask to speak to your account manager for further details.