Wholesaler’s e-commerce platform

MaxiVinos are a small distributor of wine with agents in England and Germany. They have commercial access to a large inventory of fine wines and required an online platform to help with orders, accounts and distribution.

Predominantly supplying small to medium sized independent chains of super markets, off licenses and news agents, Carl and Christian chose MM&B Studio to create a working prototype to help them explore their journey into online sales.

Stage one has now been completed and the site launched. Stage two will see the site duplicated and modified to suit the legal requirements exclusive to Germany. In stage three we plan to recreate the sites as one combined bespoke platform.

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Creative Direction UX/UI Design Web Development Video Call Support Domains, E-mail & SSL

Proving the concept

This project had a very energetic start and the direction changed as new ideas and examples were presented and explored. This dynamic prototype can quickly adapt to satisfy emerging objectives and create a more efficient workflow.

Client's requirements

The objective was to quickly customise a pre-chosen website theme into a cross language, cross currency E-Commerce platform:

  • Allow the creation of accounts which can place orders, have their ordering activity tracked and their pricing managed
  • Display prices in both Euros and GBP, ability to display the site in different languages
  • Allow the inclusion of product awards, customer reviews and different tiers of paid membership
  • Video-call based tuition on how to best use popular multimedia publishing tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and WordPress

Further actions identified during the project

In addition MM&B Studio adapted to changes in MaxiVinos strategy, allowing optimum usage of the phase's remaining budget:

  • Liaising with the website’s author and arranging bespoke customisation to product layout and pricing filters
  • Restructuring of the new customer acquisition and membership process and how actions are triggered
  • Consultation on how best to accommodate the renewal of member’s subscriptions, display of prices and compliance with legal requirements
  • Support with logo, design and business card production

Project Summary

The initial 40-hour phase of the E-Commerce platform has allowed MaxiVinos to properly consider and explore their online strategy without having to outlay for expensive changes to a bespoke solution. Stage 2 will see the site duplicated and customised to suit their German market, with price per litre and appropriate taxes included on each product.

Once MaxiVinos have tested and confirmed their preferred online sales process and website configuration, we will be creating a bespoke platform which accommodates their customers exactly how they want, without compromise.

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