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Coffee, Brexit, Tax, refreshingly optimistic

An early start for another networking event – unexpectedly refreshing! Photograph © Buxton Roastery Can a discussion about the fairly dull Autumn Statement of 2016 be interesting? Well yes apparently it can! Thanks to Catherine Desmond, Collette Lennon and Gavin West of Smith Cooper Catherine and her team took time to bring the discussion to… Read more »

We Love Drizzle

The weather has a huge impact on our work – it’s not so dramatic at the London office as the city is always vibrant and colourful especially in the festive season. Back in Derbyshire we really notice the change in seasons from our window. We don’t feel quite so guilty about staying indoors when it’s… Read more »

Our Process – An Animated Story

WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN WORKING WITH MM&B Hiring any web development team, individual designer or developer is a question of ‘right fit for your business’. How do you like to work? Experience, drive, determination, curiosity, what’s important in the way you work and what you expect from your team? MM&B is versatile, adaptable and confident…. Read more »

Wear Your Favourite Band Tee To Work Day!

Fridays always tend to snow ball in our office. The last few Friday mornings, I have arrived with an empty schedule, looking to get a load of marketing and in house work done… Sadly it’s never that easy! As the day progresses, my workload gets larger and I focus to get everything completed to avoid… Read more »


Fast forward to 1999 (via a degree in communications and first job in marketing) and I was building my first online shop using Actinic Catalogue. From that day to this I’ve spent 90% of my working time learning how to get websites to better serve their visitors, initially for my own sites and since 2008… Read more »


Work has got to be fun! If you’re not able to give a proud smile when you talk about your products and services how can you expect your clients to buy in to your business? It’s up to me to help designers understand the background of your products and services. I draw upon my experience… Read more »


After years of working with photography and image manipulation, I spent 8 months living in rural France in 2005 and decided to turn my passion into a career. I studied Multimedia Design at Manchester Metropolitan University then worked for an agency in Preston, experiencing a baptism of fire! I learned quickly how to produce professional, creative and… Read more »

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