We live & breathe the web. For us, it’s all about engaging with your colleagues or customers, designing and developing systems that enhance user experience. Working with a variety of systems will never deliver the productivity you need. We develop integrated web applications, designed to work for you? We manage a fantastic team of people including senior and intern web developers, designers, illustrators, photography and film production partners. We work closely with you through every stage of your project, building the right team from initial idea generation to final delivery and user testing. get in touch Photo of Simon, Nicola and David


Photo of Simon Mason Christmas 1983 saw me happily unwrapping a shiny new Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K – the precursor to hours of frustration with failed loads from tape and crashing just as the 140th line of BASIC was typed via the blue rubber keys. Should have put me off computers for life … More


Photo of Nicola Mason Sometimes I get asked “What do you do for a living?” Me? “I’m a project manager.” I’m the one that keeps the work moving through the studio. Once you decide to work with us I draft a schedule to keep everything on track with weekly updates. It’s good to know where your project is at … More


Photo of David Bowyer I started out with a simple camera and a passion for the outdoors, creating abstract pieces in Photoshop to release on an online community. I made 70 submissions in 5 years whilst completing college and working part time, ultimately deciding to become a graphic designer whilst living in rural France in 2005 … More


Tom H I’m a senior PHP and SQL developer with over 20 years experience in server side programming. I get involved in MM&B’s larger projects where a dedicated team of developers is needed for more complex bespoke systems and applications.


Photo of Dylan My focus is commercial opportunities. I’m one of the first people you’ll speak to at MM&B. I want to know how we can make business easy for you. Everyone likes a chat every now and again. It’s my thing, a natural communicator with enthusiasm for every project.


Photo of Kev I mainly work on bespoke Cake PHP and WordPress builds, finding the answers to various web based problems. I’m a keen trouble shooter, contributing to upgrading online security for our clients and mitigating against the exploitation of digital services.


Photo of Mister Hope I’m an illustrator of talents that will bring your creative concepts to life with unique drawings. I’m gaining recognition internationally for my cartoon style, appealing to all ages. If you’re looking to visually stimulate your audience’s sense of humour and open up a new way of connecting with your customers, then illustration could be the way forwards MM&B can translate your ideas in a way you may not have thought possible.


Photo of Mo El-Fatih I’ve been one of MM&B’s preferred photographers for over three years. My high definition photography includes product shots, food and people. I have technical experience in the use of light, minimizing the amount of post production needed to complete a professional look. Recent national acclaim includes capturing the Northern Lights from England and winning a competition to shoot Ellie Golding.