2017 Round Up

What a year it has been. Whilst we have been busy automating work loads and streamlining system processes, we’ve seriously neglected updating our portfolio. So here is a quick round up of our projects completed in 2017.

Larger Systems & Projects
(2 Months+ Dedicated Design & Development)

If you are interested in hearing more about any of these larger web-based systems then please contact us. We could talk all day long about our achievements.

WordPress Systems & Other Projects

Supporting our client’s needs

Almost a third of our time is spent responding to our client’s needs, often reacting at short notice. We’ve hosted presentations and usability workshops. We’re on hand with a full customer support team during a product launch. We’ve created documents over 100 pages in length which have helped our clients secure hundreds and thousands of pounds worth of investment, winning life-changing contracts. We’ve been implementing and advising on SSL Encryption for the last few years – it helps secure the traffic between a website and it’s visitor. It’s essential for taking payments online. Leading browsers such as Chrome and Firefox decided to expose websites that have neglected their security responsibilities, we were there to save the day always with a positive attitude. Towards the end of the year we have been helping optimise our client’s online presence and local search rankings in the wake of Google’s latest round of search engine updates.

We’re always learning so you won’t get left behind. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and arrange a meeting. Take action in 2018.