Video, Animation & Motion Graphics

MM&B go on a journey of discovery with every new client. We love creative ideas and we want to generate a buzz of excitement around your brand to help get you noticed. Animation and video usage in web design has been trending for a few years now and we are starting to see the demand grow to the point where it is becoming an expectation.

We decided it would be a good idea to show case our animation work during this week’s team meeting and we were all surprised by the volume of really different concepts that we’ve worked on over the years. Seeing them all together is like visiting old friends. These are the little gems that get clicked on over and over again, just because they’re great fun. And every click reinforces the brand to your customers too.

Perhaps you’ve not thought about animation design for your site, blog, or Facebook page. The demand for animated clips is growing. I don’t have to explain why they are engaging, just take a look for yourself. Bring your products and services to life – add a video to your page’s cover.

We have been providing videos, animation and motion graphics for our clients since 2012, sometimes providing every aspect of a video’s production:

  • Creative brief, shot sequences, script
  • Creating artwork assets, narrative, music and sound effects
  • feedback, editing
  • animation & motion graphics, production, hosting

Here are a few of our favourite examples:

Logo Reveals

Corporate Promotions


Illustrations by Mister Hope, Animation and Composition by MM&B Studio.

Animated GIFs

If you would like to start your own animation, video or motion graphics project, please get in touch.