Coffee, Brexit, Tax, refreshingly optimistic

An early start for another networking event – unexpectedly refreshing!

Photograph © Buxton Roastery

Can a discussion about the fairly dull Autumn Statement of 2016 be interesting? Well yes apparently it can! Thanks to Catherine Desmond, Collette Lennon and Gavin West of Smith Cooper

Catherine and her team took time to bring the discussion to life focusing on the various points and bringing to life examples for the various businesses in the room. Although we didn’t get in to the repercussions of Brexit, the effects and concerns were present in the network. As well seasoned business people the traditional British spirit of getting on with it and doing a good job is an important factor of keeping the confidence and spending bubbling away.

We met with:
Rosemary Wood & Zeo Mellen of Brooke Taylor’s Solicitors
Melissa Hill of Thornycroft Solicitors
Tracey Ellis (finance recruitment & ERP implementation) Baseline Recruitment
David Brindley – Buxton Head Teacher and currently Chairman for the Friends of Buxton Festival
Nigel Collins from Auditel who can assist with lowering the cost of doing business
John Tromans X313 Graphic Design
Helen Boulton Registered Book keeper (call: 07974107046)
Paul Cox Pay Per Click Specialist PPCcommerce
Valerie & Colin owners of The Old Manse Guesthouse Brilliant to recommend for our visiting clients
Local Thai Restaurant owners Ian and Mim presenting their venture in to fabulous Thai coffee distribution – Buxton Roastery

You can read about the autumn statement and how it might effect you and your business on the Smith Cooper Blog. We’re interested to hear from more businesses to build a quarterly networking community. If you would like to get involved please get in touch.