We Love Drizzle


The weather has a huge impact on our work – it’s not so dramatic at the London office as the city is always vibrant and colourful especially in the festive season. Back in Derbyshire we really notice the change in seasons from our window. We don’t feel quite so guilty about staying indoors when it’s bleak outside.

Occupying our minds this winter is an electrical engineering project built to maintain accuracy with schedule version control. The project is called MED (Modular Engineering Development) and is part of a group of products from STACK15. The positioning of this time saving web application in the market is crucial to our launch success. You can take a peek at MED in its beta testing phase. You can also see a range of other Software products built and hosted by MM&B Studio.

We welcome your thoughts, new concepts and contributions – come in and grab a coffee! (Coffee that’s another blog post)