Our Process – An Animated Story


Hiring any web development team, individual designer or developer is a question of ‘right fit for your business’. How do you like to work? Experience, drive, determination, curiosity, what’s important in the way you work and what you expect from your team?

MM&B is versatile, adaptable and confident. With all new software it’s important to bring your ideas and take advice from experienced professionals particularly in the building of a user interface to achieve the perfect outcome. Your site must attract the right target audience, this should be at the forefront of your team’s theory and practice.

Introducing MM&B

Getting Started

Our team consists of 3 directors and 4 staff. We have two offices one based in the city of London’s bright lights and another in the tranquillity of the Peak District National Park.

Our success is directly linked to our clients and returning business. So it’s important to begin your project with a tried and tested approach. Understanding your target audience, what they buy, how they purchase, what motivates their purchase. What solution will you offer your customer, how will your product or service make their life easier?

Understanding product features and benefits is just the beginning. MM&B’s roll is to apply user functionality that makes the process of your on line service as simple as possible. We need to get to the heart of your product with simplicity and make any process a joy to interact with.

Project Specifics

Confirming your specifications

When we first introduce ourselves MM&B will provide a full proposal document. Our account managers will ensure that your initial specification is understood and we’ll confirm the time frame of your project and a clear path of what to expect and when to expect it.

Every project is different, but larger projects include:

  • Content & Creative – Establishing the objectives, system architecture, sitemap, professional copy and photography, discussion of ideas, confirming production.
  • Design & Development – Writing code, database design and graphical assets, the components of the web system.
  • Feedback – Whilst the website develops, secure access will be provided to enable stakeholders to review and contribute.
  • User Testing – A significant portion of the project involves user testing the system and functionality on different browsers, devices and platforms.
  • Sign Off – Once any snagging points have been cleared, we sign off and launch the site for public access.

Create, Test, Launch

Sprint Based Progression

In web development, a sprint is a set period of time during which specific work has to be completed and made ready for review.

Each sprint begins with a planning meeting. During the meeting, the account manager (the person requesting the work) and the development team agree upon exactly what work will be accomplished during the sprint.

The development team has the final say when it comes to determining how much work can realistically be accomplished during the sprint, and the account manager has the final say on what criteria needs to be met for the work to be sent out for approval by you (the client).

Next – review, test, approve for launch to your test site. You may wish to reorganise or update a section, if so, this is added to the brief for review. It is important to progress the project in line with the planned sprints. A paused project requiring updates has not been planned correctly. Clear expectations at the outset ensure the successful delivery of your web development project.

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