Active Communities Network


Active Communities Network is a youth and community development charity based in London, Manchester, Dublin and Cape Town. Their priority is to tackle social depravity and poverty in neighbourhoods by delivering grass roots projects, primarily through sport and cultural activities.

The ACN team briefed MM&B to create an accessible system, to improve the existing reporting and allow increased data storage, faster performance and instant data access to multiple staff at various user level for events and service users.


ACN required a robust system that allowed reliable input and search activity. It is essential that data queries such as reviewing service users and creating reports for stake holders were enabled. Day to day ACN required a platform to create events with multiple sessions, repeating events, add service users, collate registers and record time sheets for each session. This was combined with reporting tools to measure the success of events offered in different locations.


Data extraction form existing systems can be problematic. Data tables need to be transferred to match new or existing data sets. MM&B continued to improve the system structure and functionality to create a better user experience for ACN.

The development offered accessibility to a wider audience of charity event holders linked to ACN. Before MM&B began development our system designers created an interactive dashboard for system users. Icons were designed and developed to to easily locate sections of the database. The data was migrated (easier said than done), before connecting with an integrated system complete with user testing.

MM&B translated the data to fit into an optimized, efficient, database structure, formatted and interpreted by a MySQL and Cake-PHP based system. This was all developed in house at MM&B. We also designed and implemented the system to flag up warnings if events did not meet agreed targets. More feature requests are planned for the system in the future. The system has been well adopted and continued to grow!

The staff at ACN were blown away by the improvement specifically the time saved as accessibility of this system is now simple. MM&B has been commissioned to develop more bolt on extensions and upgrades including an exciting opportunity with the Rio Ferdinand foundation. This project will also utilise the MM&B database development.

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