Pharma Targeting


Pharma Targeting provide a professional service within the pharmaceutical industry to target and connect with key decision makers. Helping marketeers to research pipeline products as they come to fruition. The mastermind and CEO of this data point connection strategy is a whirlwind of energy with considerable industry experience. Pharma Targeting have taken their expertise and started their own venture adapting to client’s needs, they are agile and effective.


Pharma Targeting literally has the pharmaceutical industry product pipeline knowledge compiled within a live and evolving database. The data is researched and updated for the bespoke requirements of every client. The client required a tailor made system which allowed the extraction of segmented data through specific filters and reports.


MM&B Web Design Studio’s experience in the pharmaceutical sector, thorough planning and well presented proposal got the project off to a good start. We met with Pharma Targeting in London and spent a day-long architecture-workshop understanding the client’s needs and confirming functions and permissions. We mapped data entities and their relationships, confirmed an initial sitemap and then began wire framing the system and putting together a style guide with research on competitors, colours, fonts and ideas. Whilst the site was being designed and developed, we supported the client by producing further supporting documentation to assist with new business pitches. The amount of data received in various formats offered a challenge. 50,000 businesses, 600,000 decision makers, clinical trials all at various stages, to be formatted and interpreted by a MySQL and Cake-PHP based system developed in house at MM&B. The client’s enthusiasm and entrepreneurial energy was a marvel to behold – we made various changes to the initial technical specifications before the system was ready for testing, to help the product adapt to the market at the time of launch.