Your Safety PAL


Your Safety PAL is a Job Control & Reporting tool. Offering a centralised ‘On Line Hub’ for businesses and their independent contractors to collaborate on essential health and safety compliance records.

Inspired by a need for efficiency in large multi site companies right through to one man band suppliers. The concept is to save time, costs and gain insight for employers to PLAN, ACT & LEARN.

Engineering company KDS Nottingham has first hand experience of the various solutions used by different companies. Most vary from excellent to adequate, but KDS feel that more could be done to further improve job control an holistic approach to safety. As a engineering contractor Karl has heard many ‘stories’ about health and safety breeches. His mission is to keep himself and his company safe and efficient. The brief was clear. The accountability of job control, reporting and managing health and safety is everyone’s responsibility.


MM&B Studio were briefed to create a system to handle individual and multiple induction video’s, questionnaires and the overall Risk Assessments & Method Statement approval process, before permits to work are issued. KDS want to ensure contractors have the relevant training and that documentation is in place before arriving on site. The system includes a secure log in process, varying user levels, a sitemap overview detailing locations of different contractors, safety alerts, spot checks and efficient access to ‘permit to work’.

To compliment this system, MM&B were also requested to create a company logo, brand identity, resource library of graphics for use on line and for printed materials.
MM&B were involved in preparation for system demonstrations and events throughout the build. Your Safety PAL are currently meeting with representatives from UK councils, airports, railways, HSE and various businesses all requiring an integrated job control and reporting system.


Production started in June 2015 and is set to continue into 2016, we expect to allocate 450 combined design and development hours to this this project. Holding pages to promote user engagement and exhibitions featuring the Your Safety PAL system are now live. To assist with the integration of the system MM&B created an info graphic detailing how the system breaks down to create a safe ‘work zone’. Wire frames and presentation slides have also been created. Following proof of concept research, MM&B are now in full design and development phase for the ‘Your Safety PAL’ system.

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