Nadia Di Tullio


Nadia Di Tullio required an update to bring a fresh new look to her existing WordPress site. Nadia is a nationally recognised florist based in Ashbourne, creating unusual and successful combinations of floral design which have led to her being featured in Bridal magazines and leading wedding industry blogs. Nadia is also involved in another flower-themed venture called ‘Florrie & Eve’, specialising in the selection and production of accessories created with specially selected artificial flowers. Nadia wanted to re-purpose her own web site to accommodate both of her business interests.


Inspired by the pretty, light and floral themes of the leading wedding industry blogs, Nadia and Penny asked us to modify their exiting site. Linking up with Penny to offer wearable floral items such as crowns and feature flower clips, Nadia is now reaching a wider audience including the festival crowd, fashion, design, interior and special occasions. Fresh flowers are an expensive commodity and as the bohemian style becomes prevalent amongst brides-to-be, demand is increasing for durable, long lasting floral designs which look almost as good as nature intended. The style for 2015 has emerged as very light and subtle.


Head of Projects, Nicola, oversaw the quality of the project with David providing updated fonts, colours, active and inactive states, a new refreshed sidebar and guidance on image crops for the new header area. This project was a great starter for our apprentice developer Louise, it offered a steep learning curve for her to get to grips with WordPress and working with a custom WordPress theme. The process has enabled Louise to increase her skills and help a long standing client to showcase her products. Both Nadia and Penny wrote their own copy and continue to blog and update their site with supporting links across social media. Nadia Di Tullio (Flowers) & Penny (Florrie & Eve) will be exhibiting at local wedding and event shows – look our for them in wedding magazines too!