Freight 4 Ward


Freight4Ward approached MM&B Studio to provide a simplified solution for their load matching concept having been quoted for complex automated systems by other suppliers. To get the best result MM&B held a design workshop revealing a simple user interface, not a complex advertising and social sharing platform would serve their customer’s needs best.

We suggested a proof of concept site with a manual CRM system to help connect with initial customers and build the business with a view to building a fully bespoke platform in the future. This approach would allow the team to cost effectively increase to more automation with increasing sales for further development and an integrated user experience.


Freight4Ward required a system enabling customers to list a shipping load for free and drivers to find shipping loads when they join the paid membership. The site functionality enables the two customer groups to connect. Drivers search through the listings to find a load that appeals to them. Drivers can select a load and provide a quotation. The load-lister can decide who to select based on the drivers quotation / criteria.

Advertising space was also requested, to allow suppliers to place adverts which appealed to couriers, hauliers and other transport focused trades.


We began with a workshop, discovering how Steve wanted to use the site to compliment the company’s working day. As directors spend a lot of time on the road, it is important that notifications and e-mails can be easily accessed and actioned. We registered the domain, set up e-mail addresses and developed a brand identity. We used traditional UK road signs to help form the brand identity, using different signs to portray messages and call the customer to action.

The website uses a pay-wall to obscure valuable listing information, a payment gateway was integrated to help process purchases of membership and also services between members. We created a form to populate the listings in the required format, utilising Google Maps to help establish distance and directions for drivers and load-listers. We designed an e-mail campaign to help launch the site and continued the brand identity throughout their personal e-mails and social media accounts.