NDT MainCal


This was a particularly interesting project for a local client who specialise in a very specific market – Calibrating and repairing equipment which is used for Non-Destructive Testing. Non-Destructive Testing is essentially passing radiation and different types of electromagnetic energy through materials to quantify their integrity and to ensure that radiation is correctly sealed in a protective environment. As well as repairing, calibrating and testing this equipment, they also provide tuition on how to work with the equipment.

Finding stock imagery which was relevant to the company was not applicable for this project. Good imagery can compliment and vastly improve the user experience of a website for a highly skilled, technical service provider like NDT MainCal. The staff at NDT MainCal initially struggled to see the importance and significance of imagery for their site, we explained that we needed pictures of staff working both at their facility and off-site, using NDT equipment. Images of real people captured with quality photography establishes confidence in a brand. This displays to potential customers that NDT Maincal are professional suppliers with the experience to deliver services with precision, safety and industry compliance.


The brief was simple – take the content from the existing site and recreate a layout which provides a better user experience, built on the WordPress platform, allowing MainCal to easily access and update the website with text content and resources such as PDF documents and images.


We prioritised time on the foundations of the project, looking for examples of images, building a visual case to justify a photo shoot at their laboratory. We provided a layout which helped the text look fantastic and accommodating for the upcoming images which were still in the conceptual process. The shot list for the photo shoot was gradually confirmed and signed off, we spent a half day in 3 different locations, with their staff gradually warming to the idea of being photographed whilst working as the day went on.

We took valuable time going over the interface and tweaking the layout design and appearance. We developed the site into a working WordPress based system for client access only. Part of the design phase is completed in the browser when working on responsively designed websites (MM&B are committed to continually developing our skills). Once NDT MainCal’s directors had confirmed sign off, we moved our attentions to the DNS records which were intriguingly complicated, we re-organised the configuration to great effect – NDT MainCal’s sister company Morgan Ward were made aware of our good work and are looking to commission another project.