Simon M

Christmas 1983 saw me happily unwrapping a shiny new Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k – the precursor to hours of frustration with failed loads from tape and crashing just as the 140th line of BASIC was typed via the blue rubber keys. Should have put me off computers for life…

Nicola M

A seasoned project manager. Working in advertising, marketing and web development since 1996. Experiencing exceptional clients, designers and dev teams enables our projects to inspire and evolve. I keep work flow on schedule with regular updates. It’s good to know where your project is at…

David B

It’s been ten years since leaving Manchester as a post-grad Multimedia Designer. I knew the web was going to be the domain for my creativity, but I didn’t expect the amount of unique individuals I would meet and work with whilst building MM&B Studio, learning the most sensitive things about their business and operations…

MM&B Studio

Need design inspiration? Looking for a system as a solution? Want to know more about MM&B Studio? Please get in touch.

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