Web application, system design and development

Does your current web system…

  • Offer good user accessibility
  • Solve problems for customers and staff
  • Call your customers or your team to action
  • Strengthen your customer or employee relationship

We are software engineers building web systems and applications all day every day. We’re perfectly positioned to evaluate, design and develop your online solution.

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We take the best approach for each project using proven software – WordPress or CakePHP – to deliver a user experience your customers will love.

We continue to learn as the web evolves, creating and developing accessible, standards based websites responding dynamically to the device you are viewing them on.

Our experience stretches back to the dawn of the web: our team has been building and marketing websites since 1998. Combine this with your product knowledge, develop outstanding results.

MM&B Studio encourages the development of passion projects for all members of staff to get to grips with new ideas and test their own skills. We bring the best features to our clients, that’s how we keep progressing.


Do you have an established logo or need an completely new identity?

We work with you, considering your audience at all times, to extend your brand across all platforms. Our process includes progression of your brand. We integrate the ‘front end’ public pages of your site with the system behind (back end). An existing customer or employee must continue to feel valued.

Avoid potential disconnection from the public areas of your web site. Ensure that good user experience prevails. Our approach has helped start ups launch and existing companies expand.


Do your customers have a question and look to you for answers?
What do you do better than your competitors?
We work with you to identify the questions first…

Always, keep it simple. We firmly believe that software engineering requires an iterative process. We help to refine every element of your system, improve user experience,eliminate every sticking point and your web application will be a success.


  • Database design – ERD
  • Application development
  • Virtual learning environments
  • CMS – WordPress
  • CMS – Expression Engine


  • Logo design
  • Brand guides
  • User experience design
  • Website visualisation
  • Email templates
  • Print design


  • Setting goals
  • Web analysis & Tracking
  • Web promotions
  • Email marketing
  • SMS marketing
  • Marketing campaign integration

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